Ideation Phase

"Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change." -Barbara Januszkiewicz
The first step is the biggest and the toughest one. Is your idea viable, will it be accepted by customers? The answer to all these questions need to be found out in the ideation phase.

Prototype Phase

“Prototyping is the conversation you have with your ideas”. How can you know if your product is viable for mass production? How can your investors get an essence of your product before the actual product is developed? All these questions are answered in the prototype Phase

Business Model Phase

By making a business model you showcase how your company creates, delivers and captures value to its customers.

Business Plan Phase

It is a written document explaining what the business will be after a certain period of time. It is important not only to woo the investors but also for coordination of internal activities and smooth functioning of the business.

Early Growth Phase

Once the company is formed and registered, you have to go in the market and sell and market your product and work on creating a sustainable model.

Traction & Sustainability Phase

The traction shows that your business model is workable and gives you a customer base and makes you sustainable in the business.

Growth & Scaling Phase

Expansion and scaling of the start-up will be smooth once the sustainability phase is successfully completed. The investors are more interested in funding a proven business model with traction.